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Redcon1 - Tango

Redcon1 - Tango

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• PEAK PERFORMANCE - Improve your performance with Redcon1's high-potency creatine formula. Force muscle to explode with new muscle growth due to increased ATP production and cellular swelling with ultra-accelerated protein synthesis activation.
• MUSCLE RECOVERY - Ideal for the bodybuilding athlete who wants to train, train, improve recovery and gain lean muscle mass.
• CREATINE-BASED – Creatine is a molecule made and naturally occurring in muscle cells from amino acids that help your body produce ATP (energy) to support muscle development, reduce muscle breakdown and improve sports performance.
• AMINO ACIDS - Includes taurine, the second most abundant amino acid in the body that supports several essential functions such as increasing muscle mass, strength and reducing muscle soreness, as well as other amino acids that support healthy liver function and support exercise endurance.
• THE MUST-HAVE POST-WORKOUT WORKOUT - Designed to ensure your muscle energy stores are fully restored after each workout.