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Redcon1 - Mre Powder

Redcon1 - Mre Powder

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The MRE protein line contains real ingredients for your body. With 47g of protein per serving and a blend of multiple carbohydrates and amino acids, MRE is the perfect meal replacement protein powder for your intense workouts. Each amino acid has a specific role to play in helping you eat a balanced diet. And without any whey protein, MRE is gentle on the stomach, so you won't feel the bloating typically associated with other protein powders.

To maximize your performance, you need complex, fast-acting carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. MRE offers both, making it the ultimate pre- and post-workout animal protein powder. Unlike other protein powders, MRE has a thicker, milkshake-like texture that mixes easily and tastes amazing. Try it now and feel the difference!