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NIH - Prébio Complex 400g apple flavor

NIH - Prébio Complex 400g apple flavor

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Advanced Digestive Formula: Nourish your Intestinal Well-Being!

Discover our unique formula designed to take care of your digestive system holistically. This expert combination of flaxseed, apple extract, pectin, glutamine, licorice and inulin delivers a cascade of benefits to support optimal digestion and thriving gut health.

✨ Optimization of Intestinal Transit: Our formula acts gently to promote regular intestinal transit, offering you daily comfort.
✨ Soothing Intestinal Inflammation: Carefully selected ingredients help soothe inflammation, promoting a healthy intestinal environment.
✨ Health of the Intestinal Mucosa: Nourishes and supports the intestinal mucosa for optimal function and enhanced protection.
✨ Growth of Good Bacteria: Promotes the development of balanced intestinal flora, essential for healthy digestion.
✨ Reduction of Irritable Bowel Symptoms: Our formula has been shown to reduce irritable bowel symptoms, providing welcome relief.
✨ Intestinal Immune Support: Strengthens intestinal immune defenses for increased protection against external attacks.
✨ Excellent Source of Fiber: Rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, our formula helps maintain optimal digestive health.

Product Effects:
This comprehensive formula works synergistically to create an intestinal environment conducive to health and vitality. You will feel an overall improvement in your digestive well-being, intestinal regularity and a notable reduction in discomfort associated with digestion.

1. Flaxseed: Natural source of fiber to promote intestinal regularity.
2. Apple Extract: Contributes to overall intestinal health.
3. Pectin: Supports the health of the intestinal lining.
4. Glutamine: Essential for intestinal function and cell regeneration.
5. Licorice: Soothes inflammation and promotes digestion.
6. Inulin: Supports the growth of good gut bacteria.

Transform your digestive well-being with our exceptional formula. Give your digestive system the support it needs to function optimally every day. Live fully with healthy and balanced digestion.