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Mutant - Mass

Mutant - Mass

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Designed specifically for the world's strongest bodybuilders and powerlifters, MUTANT MASS is now also loved by other dedicated athletes looking for the most powerful gainer. Our latest formula is here to help you unlock your full potential. When we say "New and Improved, #1 Original Big Bag Muscle Mass Weight Gainer...More Protein - Less Sugar - Delicious - Easy to Mix!", and all the rest of the great stuff we tout about MUTANT MASS is the result of many years of research, development and improvement of our already multi-awarded formula, to make it even better.

Now with 52% less sugar than the previous formula 56 grams of quality protein per serving Provides over 1100 calories per serving Contains 36g of naturally occurring BCAAs, EAAs and glutamines Available in 6 incredibly addictive flavors! Now with oats and sweet potato.