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HD Muscle - ProHD

HD Muscle - ProHD

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Introducing ProHD, the pinnacle of whey protein isolate purity and taste. Made from 100% grass-fed whey isolate, ProHD stands out as one of the cleanest, most delicious protein powders available, with no fillers, blends, or amino acid-enriched ingredients.

Whey protein isolate is known for its superior absorption compared to concentrates and blends. We use a meticulous cross-flow microfiltration process during manufacturing to improve product quality, removing impurities, excess fats, cholesterol and lactose. This meticulous process improves the absorption and digestion of ProHD, providing the highest quality protein your body deserves.

Integrity is our guiding principle, reflected in every aspect of ProHD. With a focus on taste, mixability and quality, ProHD undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our strict standards before receiving the HD seal of approval.

Each portion of ProHD offers:
- 25g of Protein
- 110 Calories
- 0g of Fat
- 30 servings per container

Discover the purity and excellence of ProHD, the protein supplement designed to improve your nutrition and fuel your performance.