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HD Muscle - PreHD Black

HD Muscle - PreHD Black

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PreHD Black is the ultimate pre-workout formula designed for adrenaline junkies and stimulation seekers. It provides explosive energy, focus and intensity, along with unparalleled muscle pump and vascularity. This comprehensive formulation contains scientifically dosed compounds to increase nitric oxide production, increase plasma volume and promote muscle blood flow.

With just one dose, you will feel:
- Explosive energy and focus
- Reduced fatigue and greater endurance
- Increased alertness and intensity
- Euphoria and heightened senses
- Unprecedented muscle pumps

Key ingredients include:
- Glycersize™ for improved hydration, endurance and muscle fullness.
- Tyrosine for focus, concentration and mood improvement.
- Caffeine (anhydrous and citrate) for fast-acting stimulation.
- Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) and Huperzine A for increased concentration and cognitive function.
- Astragin® to promote absorption of the formula.

PreHD Black sets a new standard in the high stimulation pre-workout category, delivering unrivaled performance and results for the most intense workouts.