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HD Muscle - CarbHD Pineapple Breeze

HD Muscle - CarbHD Pineapple Breeze

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CarbHD is a revolutionary carbohydrate formula combining two of the healthiest, low glycemic and effective carbohydrate sources on the market today. CarbHD is designed to transport more nutrients into muscle cells to provide you with a clean, sustained supply of energy while improving muscle fullness and hydration; ultimately leading to better performance and muscle recovery. All this is achieved without causing an insulin spike and without keeping blood sugar levels stable. We've also included coconut water powder to help with electrolyte replenishment and hydration.

CarbHD is the perfect carbohydrate solution for anyone looking for:

Clean and sustained energy levels
Improved endurance and recovery
Increased muscle fullness and hydration
Low osmolality and minimal gastrointestinal issues