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Fitcook Foodz - Spices

Fitcook Foodz - Spices

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    Here's a Tex-Mex seasoning that's perfect for all Mexican-inspired recipes. Use with tacos, shredded meats, grilled meats, stews, guacamole, sauces and salads for an explosion of extraordinary flavors!


An essential in the kitchen, this seasoning fits into all recipes. Whether with meats, fish and seafood, vegetarian dishes, vegetables, sauces, salads, for all cooking or even as a garnish, use this Passe-Partout spice blend to take your dishes to another level!


        Perfectly suited to grilled meats and meats in general, this seasoning is also very versatile in the kitchen. Use it for an explosion of flavors with chicken, fish, vegetarian dishes, sauces and marinades.