Food program for fat loss and adapted to YOUR goals, YOUR tastes, your goals and your body. 

Training program focused on fat loss and muscle development. (suitable for home)

E-BOOK of recipe and nutrition with more than 30 delicious recipes, easy and quick to make.

Table of equivalences to diversify the foods in your eating plan.

Personalized supplementation protocol, no more unnecessary supplements! With this protocol, you will know what is really suitable for you and your goals.

I give you all my tips, tricks and advice!

In summary, you will learn WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat and how much to achieve your goals WITHOUT PRIVATE. My goal is to make you fall in LOVE with HEALTHY NUTRITION! The only program that really works is the one in which you don't feel restricted.

Training program

With elite trainers your workouts will all be added to your profiles with video demos.

Training at home 2 VERSIONS: one with weights and one without equipment.

Circuit training to maximize fat loss over 3 days minimum and 6 days maximum (2 upper body and 1 lower body.

1 different HIT workout for each morning of the week (hardware version and without hardware) 7 different hits.

My '' TOTAL ABS BURNER '' over 7 days that you can add at the beginning or at the end of your workouts to improve the definition of your abs.

"LEGS FOCUS" a day with my 10 best lower body exercises to build your muscle mass.

- E-BOOK maximization of training for truly effective training.
E-BOOK Small waist with all my rituals for a smaller size, and more visible abs.

NOW !!!

This challenge is the most COMPLETE program to sculpt your body, while burning the MAXIMUM of fat possible and optimizing the development of muscle mass!

You will not feel alone and leave to yourself in this program, I would be with you at 200%!


You will not feel restricted in this program, but you will learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and how to motivate yourself to reach your GOALS.


To continue improving your PHYSICAL CONDITION even at home, and that you will do it surrounded by lots of other people who have the same goal as you, who will do the challenge at the same time as you and it is ALL TOGETHER that we will reach our goals!


want REAL changes it starts


The objective of the "Beach Ready Challenge" is to make you feel TRUST in swimsuits this summer! , improve your CONDITION and total physical COMPOSITION by improving your ENDURANCE and BURNING a MAXIMUM of fat while building your muscle mass at the same time!

Build your muscle mass with my TOP 10 of my best exercises to build more developed and rounder buttocks.

Increase the definition of your abs and refine its size with all my rituals and exercises that I use to get the results I have today.

Teach you the basics of nutrition by teaching yourself how to eat healthy with lots of recipe ideas, in this challenge you will burn as much fat as possible without feeling deprived.

Give you 24/7 support with a follow-up by photos and questionnaire every week to ensure your progress with adjustments and personalized tips and tricks for each person, in addition to a group convos where you will have my support and that of full people who will experience adventure at the same time as you.

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